VinFuture Foundation Officially Opens Call for Nominations for the 2024 Season

HANOI, VIETNAM - Media OutReach Newswire - 9 January 2024 - The VinFuture Prize is delighted to announce the official call for nominations for the 2024 award season. The nomination portal will be open from 2 PM, January 9th, 2024, to 2 PM, April 17th, 2024, (Vietnam time, GMT+7).

(From left) Vietnamese President Võ Văn Thưởng presents the 2023 VinFuture Grand Prize to four scientists: Prof. Martin Andrew Green (Australia), Prof. Stanley Whittingham (U.S.), Prof. Rachid Yazami (Morocco), and Prof. Akira Yoshino (Japan) in Hanoi, Dec. 20, 2023.
(From left) Vietnamese President Võ Văn Thưởng presents the 2023 VinFuture Grand Prize to four scientists: Prof. Martin Andrew Green (Australia), Prof. Stanley Whittingham (U.S.), Prof. Rachid Yazami (Morocco), and Prof. Akira Yoshino (Japan) in Hanoi, Dec. 20, 2023.

With a comprehensive vision aimed at promoting diversity and a mission to benefit humanity by making positive changes in the lives of billions worldwide, VinFuture has triumphantly orchestrated three seasons, solidifying its esteemed reputation and standing within the global scientific community. Over the course of three years, the Prize has witnessed a three-fold surge in nominations, rising from 599 innovations in its inaugural year to an impressive 1,389 innovations in 2023.

To participate in the 2023 VinFuture Prize, scientific and technological innovations and solutions must fully meet the Prize's nomination criteria* and be nominated by prestigious organizations or individuals in the field of science and technology worldwide. Nominated applications will be screened, shortlisted, and selected by the VinFuture Prize's Pre-Screening Committee and Prize Council, composed of leading scientists and experts who have won prestigious awards, such as Nobel, Turing, and Millennium Technology prizes.

Sharing on the fourth VinFuture Prize award season, Prof. Sir Richard Henry Friend, Chair of the VinFuture Prize Council, shared: "The broad scope of the four VinFuture prizes is well illustrated by the three sets of winners for 2021, 2022, and 2023. We have recognised breakthrough advances across many different areas, including in agriculture, in human health, in climate science, in global information technologies, and in renewable energy systems – solar cells for generation, Lithium-ion batteries for storage. We are very grateful to thousands who have responded to our invitations, and we have had a broad and rich set of innovations to consider. We do want to reach even more widely, to find out about advances happening across the whole world, not just in well-established research environments."

The deadline for nomination submissions for the 2024 VinFuture Prize is 2:00 PM, April 17th, 2024 (Vietnam Time, GMT +7). Nominations received after this deadline will be considered for the following year.

To provide comprehensive information on the submission process for prospective nominating partners, the VinFuture Foundation will organize two "Call for Nominations" webinars in the first quarter of 2024. These webinars will feature representatives from the Prize Council, Pre-Screening Committee, and VinFuture Prize Laureates. The first webinar is scheduled for January 24th, 2024, from 8:00 PM to 9:00 PM (Vietnam time, GMT+7). Interested parties can register for the webinar by visiting this link:

Previously, the recently concluded 2023 VinFuture Prize award season garnered a robust response from the global science and technology community, with nearly 1,400 exceptional nominations from scientists, researchers, and inventors worldwide. The third season made a significant impact by connecting and inspiring the country's scientific community, leaving a legacy of success.

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About the VinFuture Prize
The VinFuture Prize is the core activity of the VinFuture Foundation, a non-profit organization established on International Human Solidarity Day on December 20th, 2020, co-founded by Vietnam's first billionaire Mr. Pham Nhat Vuong and his wife, Mrs. Pham Thu Huong. The VinFuture Prize aims to recognize transformative scientific and technological innovations capable of making significant positive changes in the lives of millions of people worldwide.

The 2024 VinFuture Prize's Nomination Portal is available at:

For more details about the Prize:

* 10 criteria for nomination to the VinFuture Prize:

1. There should be clear evidence, or potential, for an end-product or service based on the solution, which has an everyday practical application;

2. Solutions should have already benefited millions of people in the past 10 years for the Grand Prize or have the potential to benefit millions of people in the next 10 years for the Special Prizes;

3. Solutions should be aligned with one or more of the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs);

4. Solutions must be scientifically proven (i.e., there should be clear evidence of passing relevant scientific trials, and in the case of research, it must be empirically proven or widely reviewed);

5. Open to researchers or inventors who were involved in developing the underlying solutions, and not entrepreneurs or corporates who helped in the commercialization/ diffusion of the technology;

6. End-products of the research should benefit people globally, including those from developing and less developed countries, as well as lower-income and disadvantaged communities;

7. Open to individuals or teams of researchers/inventors;

8. Preferences are considered for nominees in the active stages of their careers;

9. Same individual/team can be nominated for one or more of the VinFuture Special Prizes if eligible;

10. Research/Solution/Invention can be underpinned in any discipline of science, engineering, or technology, including potentially multi-disciplinary approaches.





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