Array's Next-Gen Algorithmic Stablecoin System: Built on Self-Developed AI Algorithms

VICTORIA, MAHE, SEYCHELLES - Media OutReach - 3 April 2023 - Recently, the AI+Stablecoin project Array has attracted attention in the industry by utilizing on-chain AI algorithms to adjust liquidity curves and provide a new asset management method for Web3. In Web3, currency is considered a digital asset based on blockchain technology, which no longer requires centralized institutions to issue and manage. However, this decentralized currency system also has some issues, such as volatility and liquidity constraints.


Array is a full-chain protocol for decentralized asset management that aims to build the next-gen algorithmic currency systems through AI, allowing Web3 to break free from the cycles of volatility while still enjoying shared wealth creation. The Array team believes that "AI, as one of the core technologies, plays a crucial role in building algorithmic currency systems."

Through self-developed AI algorithms, the Array team operates based on the Polygon Network public chain, adopts the dual token economic model ($ARA/$USDR), and creates original complex code and contract invocation logic, simplifying the complex steps of application interaction, bringing more composability to applications. Its trading operations are conducted on-chain, with open and transparent contracts and full open source.

Optimizing Liquidity with AI Algorithms

The Array team believes that in order to maximize benefits, pledging $ARA to obtain staking rewards and corresponding $USDR (with 400% over-collateralization) is the way to go. However, this leads to insufficient $ARA liquidity. To address this issue, the platform has developed a self-developed Liquidity Curve contract, which provides liquidity support for the platform. Through a complex algorithm that releases small amounts of $ARA to the market multiple times, this not only increases the bottoming fund pool but also creates opportunities and convenience for more people to participate in the project.

Array uses AI algorithms to achieve certain security and interoperability to ensure the safety of users' digital assets and transactions, such as encryption technology, firewalls, etc. Users can easily connect traditional fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies, making fund transfers and transactions more accessible.

It is worth mentioning that this model not only allows seamless switching between traditional and cryptocurrencies but also further promotes the popularity and use of digital assets in the traditional financial system. It provides multiple guarantees for users and is expected to redefine the entire stablecoin industry.

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03 Apr 2023

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