Thailand’s Department of Foreign Trade leads trilateral meeting with US and European Union to halt proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction

BANGKOK, THAILAND - Media OutReach - 22 September 2023 - Thailand's Department of Foreign Trade (DFT) Director General Ronnarong Phoolpipat presided over a trilateral meeting with the U.S. Embassy's Export Control and Border Security Program (EXBS) and the European Union's (EU) Partner to Partner Program (EUP2P) on September 21, 2023, at the Department of Foreign Trade, Ministry of Commerce, Thailand.

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Representatives from both programs emphasized the significance of implementing strategic trade control measures (STC) to regulate weapons of mass destruction (WMDs) and dual-use items (DUI) through licensing measures.

Director General Ronnarong Phoolpipat is of the view that this concept is needed in principle, with the objective of preserving trade security in the global community. The meeting included an exchange of ideas, perspectives, and discussed the pros and cons of implementing STCs in Thailand.

WMDs refer to nuclear weapons, biological weapons, chemical weapons, or any other weapons with the potential to cause harm to a large number of human lives, animals, or plants, and to cause grave damage to the environment.

A dual-use item can be used for both civilian and military purposes and could be employed to develop, manufacture, apply, modify, store, or transport WMDs or could be treated in any way to facilitate the acquisition of WMDs.

Ronnarong Phoolpipat said Thailand places a strong emphasis on transparent trade practices that prioritize safety without leading to proliferation of WMDs, enhancing confidence among other countries in its commitment to global responsibility.

Thailand is dedicated to ensuring that its export have no connection or association with terrorism and WMDs.

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22 Sep 2023

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