SHARP Corporation Marks 111 Years of Innovation, Unveiling Future-Forward Solutions at Its Anniversary & Product Launch Event in Singapore

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 13 October 2023 - SHARP Corporation, a pioneering leader in innovative consumer electronics and appliances, is proud to announce the celebration of its 111th anniversary with their first launch event in Singapore ahead of SHARP’s first independent large-scale technology exhibition “SHARP Tech-Day” slated for 10 to 12 November 2023 in Tokyo.

From left:
Mr Jun Kasawaki, Division Manager, Asia Marketing Center, Smart Business Solution BU ;
Mr Yoshida Hiroyuki, General Manager, Global TV Business Unit, TV System BU ;
Mr Woo Keat Chew, Managing Director of Sharp Singapore ;
Mr Tamura Tomoki, BU Vice President – Global Business and General Manager, Head of Global Kitchen Appliance Business Unit, Smart Appliances & Solution BU ;
Ms Manami Takeda, General Manager, International Sales & Marketing Division

Since making SHARP’s huge name to the world in 1912 through the first ever invention, the ‘Ever-Sharp’ mechanical pencil, SHARP has been continuously and progressively branching out into new areas of the electronics industry with its diverse range of innovative, high quality and original products.

With a remarkable history of excellence for more than a century now, SHARP has truly evolved into one of the global leaders in consumer electronics. Driven by their business creed of ‘Sincerity and Creativity’, SHARP continues to be a leading brand that creates new innovation to improve humans’ standard of living and the advancement of the society as a whole.

Under the theme of "Be a Game Changer", Sharp will continue to introduce innovative technologies and cutting-edge solutions that will enhance user’s daily lives. SHARP will continue to realize unique innovations in a variety of fields, including how people live and work. Through these actions, SHARP aims to establish its image as a strong brand company that stands close to people and society while constantly delivering new values to the world. The 111th anniversary launch event is a testament to the company's unwavering commitment to innovation, quality, and sustainability.

This milestone occasion is graced by distinguished guests of honor from SHARP Japan, including Mr Tamura Tomoki, BU Vice President – Global Business and General Manager, Head of Global Kitchen Appliance Business Unit, Smart Appliances & Solution BU, Mr Yoshida Hiroyuki, General Manager, Global TV Business Unit, TV System BU, Mr Jun Kasawaki, Division Manager, Asia Marketing Center, Smart Business Solution BU and Ms Manami Takeda, General Manager, International Sales & Marketing Division, SNDS BU.

At the launch, SHARP Singapore also announced its official distribution of the SHARP NEC products to the entire Asia region, this is a significant milestone for SHARP Singapore.

The event will highlight SHARP's latest products, designed to elevate the way people live and interact with technology. Among the exciting new offerings are:

Pure Fit Air Purifier (FX-S120E-H)
SHARP's state-of-the-art air purifier combines cutting-edge filtration technology with sleek design. The Pure Fit Air Purifier (FX-S120E-H) ensures clean and healthy air for the home, offering a harmonious solution for a healthier and more comfortable living environment.

With SHARP’s Plasmacluster technology of an ion density of 25,000 ions/cm3, this air purifier is engineered to effectively combat airborne pollutants, allergens, and bacteria, ensuring the air is clean and safe for users and their loved ones.

The air purifier is suitable for rooms up to 84 square meters, making it the perfect addition to bedrooms, living rooms, or offices. Designed with natural textures and bespoke panels, it is able to complement the interior design of spaces while delivering exceptional air purification.

The air purifier features a two 3 dual suction triple filter system, including a MICRO HEPA Plus filter that captures 0.02um tiny particles up to 99%, Deodorization filter, and pre-filter, ensuring that it captures particles of various sizes and eliminates odors for the freshest air possible. It also features odor, dust, temperature, humidity, and light sensors that intelligently adapt to the environment, optimizing air purification for maximum comfort.

Enjoy the convenience of Auto Restart, Plasmacluster Ion Spot Mode, and Child Lock features, providing peace of mind and hassle-free operation. On top of that with Wi-Fi connectivity, users can control and monitor the air purifier from the user's smartphone or tablet, giving you complete control over the indoor air quality, even when users are not at home.

Heat Pump Dryer (9KG - KD-HT9JP-G, 10KG - KD-HT10JP-G)
Sharp's Heat Pump Dryer redefines efficiency in laundry care. With 5 ticks energy saving features and an array of specialized functions, this dryer is designed to make laundry not just a chore but a seamless part of your daily routine. It comes in two capacities, 9kg and 10kg.

At Sharp Electronics, the safety of customers and their families is top priority. The dryers boast a range of security features, including child safety locks and overheating protection. With child safety locks, parents can rest assured that curious little ones will not accidentally tamper with the dryer settings. Overheating protection ensures that the dryer operates within safe temperature limits, providing peace of mind while drying clothes.

The dryers include special features for unmatched convenience. It is stackable, allowing for space-saving installations, making it ideal for homes of all sizes. Has an anti-crease mode which minimizes creases, so that clothes come out looking fresh and ready to wear, adjustable drying modes that cater to the specific needs of laundry, whether it is delicate fabrics or heavy bedding, this dryer has it covered, and auto dry feature, ensuring perfectly dry results every time.

The dryers have 10 preset programs including, Mix, Cotton, Synthetics, Down, Hygiene, Quick Dry, Baby Care, Bedding, Warm and Cool.

2 in 1 Cordless Handstick Vacuum (EC-SA95S)
This versatile 2-in-1 cordless handstick vacuum comes as a good helper in home cleaning. With powerful suction and a lightweight design, it effortlessly tackles dirt and debris on various surfaces, giving users a cleaner and healthier living space.

The vacuum can perform vacuum and mop simultaneously and effortlessly when users attach the mop kit to it. Chores become easy with interchangeable multi motorized brush heads, like fabric roller for wood & tilted flooring , anti tangle head for sofa, mini brush for removing dust mites from pillow & beds. The dust bin is also designed to be hassle free with its dirty free and ease of maintenance, with just a simple click, the dirt can be easily released.

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Penerbit bertanggung jawab penuh atas isi pengumuman ini
Celebrating 111 years of Japanese innovations since 1912. SHARP has remained committed to producing products that are innovative and forward-looking with exclusive technologies. Since then they have achieved 21 years of AQUOS TV, 100 million units of Plasmacluster products and 2 million units of Healsio Superheated Steam Oven sold worldwide.

Sharp will continue to deliver innovative products with added energy saving features using technologies such as J-tech Inverter and No-Holes Tub washer for water saving. Also continue providing a range of appliances for households such as Ultra HD Android TVs, Multi-door Refrigerators, washing machines, Plasmacluster air purifiers, microwave oven, steam oven, audio and personal care products.

They also launched the new Cocoro Life Singapore e-store to showcase exclusive Japan products to the Singapore market.

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17 Oct 2023

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