Ransomware hacking large institutions raises concern - IT solutions company EBS provides Cyber Security Incident Response Solution to ward off hackers

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 31 January 2024 - Hacking attack on public organizations through ransomwares earlier on drew citizens' attention to the cyber security threats in Hong Kong. Electronic Business Solutions Limited (EBS), an Asia-based IT solutions company, has launched the Cyber Incident Response Solution for SMB customers, provide 24-hour emergency support. In the event that companies unfortunately encounter a hack or a blackmail, the EBS team will quickly help the companies formulate the best response strategy to effectively resist hacker attack.

IT solutions company EBS provides Cyber Security Incident Response Solution to ward off hackers
IT solutions company EBS provides Cyber Security Incident Response Solution to ward off hackers

Enterprises lack network security solution setup, resulting in data leakage

Cyber security risks are everywhere. A hack can cause serious losses to businesses, including breaching customer privacy and damaging business reputation. Two public organizations were previously hacked, resulting in the theft of considerable sensitive data and blackmailing. Internal documents of the organizations ended up being disclosed, including staff identification documents, company documents and photographs, etc. It reflected that sensitive and confidential information are unprotected if the IT team of the enterprise has not properly set up a cyber security solution.

However, SMBs often lack the resources and expertise to manage cyber incidents, making it difficult for them to bear huge losses for cyber security incidents. They hence need to be particularly cautious in deploying cyber incident response. EBS's Cyber Incident Response Solution is designed for SMBs and has a dedicated team trained to systematically handle ransomware attacks, business email breaches, data breaches, and financial or digital asset ransom tracking. The solution as well complies with the industry's most popular investigative procedures, SANS (System Security Research Institute), NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) and ISO (International Organization for Standardization), to help customers defend against cyber security threats.

For more detail of Cyber Security Response Solution, please visit: https://bit.ly/3rjMpKy

24-hour emergency support. Negotiate with hackers to disarm threats

EBS's Cyber Incident Response Solution will be divided into five response stages: First, customers should contact EBS immediately if they suspect a cyber incident 24/7 communication center to monitor the development of the incident, after receiving the customer's cyber security incident report. Secondly, the response team will quickly assess the situation, confirm the scope and severity of the incident, and respond quickly. Then, analyze the source of the attack and negotiate a plan, try to negotiate with the hacker to stop the spread of the virus and restore data as much as possible, assist in resuming normal business operations, and finally provide a detailed incident report. Lastly, propose remedial measures and make cyber security recommendations, etc.

If companies are unfortunately hacked or blackmailed, the EBS response team will try to contact the hacker for possible ransom payment negotiation, put all efforts to recover the data. The above remedial actions aim to minimize the scope of impact and eliminate the cyber threat. Meanwhile, after the implementation of the solution, enterprises can ensure the security of customer data through EBS website vulnerability scan and risk assessment. It will also make suggestions for security improvements, so as to avoid falling victims to hacking and blackmail. Some customers reported that after the solution deployment, malware infections reduced, not only relieving the burden on the IT department, but also more effectively protecting sensitive and confidential information of customers.

EBS has served a number of enterprises in Hong Kong and Greater China, including SMBs and MNCs, providing IT solutions such as cyber security. EBS offers a variety of products to meet customer requirements, including data loss prevention (DLP), email security appliances, and DDoS mitigation. EBS also offers a "free cybersecurity assessment service" covering Microsoft 365 email and endpoint protection, in order to help enterprises defend against cybersecurity threats.

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Electronic Business Solutions Limited (EBS)
Electronic Business Solutions Limited (EBS)
Founded in 1991, EBS is one of Hong Kong's leading holistic IT solution specialists. It has served many businesses in Hong Kong and the Greater China region. It provides a full range of solutions and services for SMBs and MNCs, including infrastructure and network setup, cloud computing solutions, digital transformation, email management, network security, customized business applications, backup and storage, technical support and professional consulting, etc. It leverages its IT expertise and tailored solutions to help customers improve their competitive advantage and help enterprises and organizations catch up.


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