Elm Highlights Advanced Digital Solutions For "Cities of the Future" at GITEX Technology Week 2023, Showcasing Its Interest with Latest Innovations

DUBAI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES - EQS Newswire - 24 October 2023 - Elm, a pioneer of digital solutions, showcased its advanced digital solutions during the company's participation at the GITEX Technology Week 2023. The company highlighted a wide range of its cutting-edge smart digital solutions and services. These tailored solutions and services were particularly crucial as they focused on addressing the needs of the 'Cities of the Future.'

Elm showcased a wide range of the latest digital smart solutions and services designed to meet the needs of customers in various fields, particularly those that cater to the requirements of future cities. The company also signed several Memorandums of Understanding (MoU) with key stakeholders in the sector.

Attendees at this year's event were particularly impressed by Elm's participation as it featured a wide range of cutting-edge digital solutions for a range of industries that support the development of 'Cities of the Future,' including smart security, digital economy, business intelligence, smart healthcare, smart governments, and advanced transportation. The company also showcased its Smart Gate technology system as part of its Smart Security framework, along with its digital platforms that facilitate Civil Aviation Authority permits.

During its participation, Elm presented 'Dakhli' and 'Shypr' services, its 'Mazadat' and 'Dhamen' platforms, along with the 'Visitor Centre' service in the field of the Digital Economy. In regards to Business Intelligence, Elm showcased 'Rabet' platform, the 'Intelligent Inspection' initiative, the 'Internet of Things' platform, as well as 'Emtiyaz' and 'Asas' platforms.

In terms of smart healthcare, Elm introduced the 'Extensive Examination' and 'Vaccination' services, along with 'Wahed' platform, 'Efada' service, as well as 'Mustamir' and 'Nashrah' platforms. Furthermore, Elm launched 'Absher' platform and its smartphone app, in addition to its 'Intelligent Inspection' service, 'Estihkak' platform, 'Khibrah' platform, as well as the 'Muqeem' and 'Yakeen' services for the Smart Government field.

The company also displayed a diverse set of products and services in the area of advanced transportation, including the 'Tamm' service, 'Mojaz' electronic platform and application, 'Masarat' digital system, 'Tawseel' platform, 'Ertah' application, along with the 'Bayan Tech' platform.

Elm aims to expand its footprint locally and regionally by continuously participating in international events that focus on technology and digital services. In addition, it seeks to strengthen its collaboration with various leading technology and digitalisation companies and institutions in the region and around the world.

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24 Oct 2023

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