Move with Retrofit: New Home-Based Fitness Training (HBFT) Service for Better Quality of Life

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 19 October 2023 - Life's journey is intrinsically linked to movement — an essential element that connects us with the evolving world. In this dynamic landscape, Retrofit, a rehabilitation and fitness solution provider, emerges as a beacon of hope, empowering people to embrace a superior quality of life through enhanced mobility. Its Home-Based Fitness Training (HBFT) service, jointly performed by its Exercise Specialists and certified physiotherapists, is curated to offer personalised strength training exercise sessions that integrate seamlessly into daily routines from the comfort of one’s own home.


Elevating Life Through Regular Movement
By upholding the idea that movement is an integral part of our journey through life, one can truly unlock the potential for a more enriched existence, and Retrofit fully embraces this philosophy.

1. The Positive Impacts on Physical Health
The positive impacts of regular movement extend far beyond the gym or the yoga mat. They infiltrate our daily lives, effortlessly enhancing tasks that may seem mundane — like lifting groceries or leisurely strolling. The influence of consistent movement extends even to the aspects less openly discussed, such as the realm of digestive well-being.

According to the National University Hospital, some easy ways to improve gut health include simply increasing the fibre in one's diet and drinking more water. However, exercise is equally effective as it stimulates the colon. If necessary, physiotherapists can also teach individuals exercises to retrain the 'pooping' muscles (pelvic floor dyssynergia) for their coordination.

Furthermore, exercise is also beneficial to the proper functioning of the colon. Studies have indicated that exercise can potentially mitigate the risk of certain colon-related concerns. From promoting regular bowel movements to reducing the likelihood of constipation, exercise offers a multifaceted approach to sustaining colon health.

2. Enhancing Mental Well-Being
Beyond its visible effects on physical health, engaging in regular exercise has also emerged as a dynamic catalyst for nurturing mental clarity and emotional stability. The release of endorphins — a cascade of natural, feel-good neurotransmitters — surges through the body during exercise. This natural remedy acts as a counterbalance to the challenges of modern life, equipping individuals with a powerful tool to combat the overwhelming tide of stressors.

Retrofit's Exercise Specialists Unite with Physiotherapists

Recognising the significance and advantages of regular movement, Retrofit's Exercise Specialists have collaborated with physiotherapists to unlock a new dimension of care — one that addresses musculoskeletal conditions, post-surgery rehabilitation, chronic diseases, and neurological disorders.

Each HBT journey begins with a thorough assessment. This assessment dives deep into the individual needs, physical limitations, and any existing injuries. Armed with these insights, personalised recommendations are meticulously tailored, ensuring that every movement is purposeful and aligned with the individual's unique circumstances.

Moreover, the partnership extends its wings to encompass the vital realm of injury prevention and rehabilitation. By closely intertwining the knowledge of Exercise Specialists with the insights of physiotherapists, Retrofit crafts training programmes that are not just transformative but also protective.

“Our mission is to empower individuals on a journey of transformation," says James Lee, Head of Home-Based Fitness Training at Retrofit. "The collaboration with physiotherapists amplifies our ability to craft tailored programmes that cater to diverse needs."

Retrofit’s HBFT revolutionises how seniors engage with physical activity, offering a bespoke path that embraces their unique abilities, health conditions, and needs.

Empowering Seniors with HBFT: A Journey to Vitality and Independence

In the golden years of life, maintaining vitality and embracing independence are aspirations cherished by seniors. Retrofit’s HBFT empowers seniors to embark on this meaningful path of self-discovery through a range of tailored support services.

1. Personalised Approach
Trainers craft exercises for senior citizens based on their distinct abilities, health conditions, and goals.

2. Continuity of Care
HBFT exercise plans align seamlessly with medical needs and rehabilitation strategies, taking into account specific health concerns or physical limitations of seniors.

3. Versatility in Exercise Options
HBFT accommodates a wide range of individual limitations, offering a variety of programmes that include bodyweight exercises, balance exercises, and more.

Navigating Challenges Seniors May Face with HBFT

Participating in HBFT can be especially rewarding for seniors, yet it's not without its challenges. Seniors may face difficulties when adopting the service, stemming from factors such as variations in body strength, balance, and the risk of potential injury. However, Retrofit's HBFT programmes have been finely tuned to cater to these specific issues.

1. Overcoming Mobile Limitations
As individuals age, it's not uncommon for many seniors to experience a decrease in their mobility. This reduction in mobility can arise from various factors, including changes in muscle strength, joint flexibility, and overall physical condition. Retrofit's customised HBFT programmes cater to seniors' specific mobility levels for enhanced motion, balance, and flexibility.

2. Addressing Safety Concerns
Safety remains a top priority within the carefully controlled HBFT environment. On top of its focus on enhancing strength, balance, and flexibility, the programme also assesses potential hazards and proactively addresses fall prevention at home in the elderly. Additionally, the HBFT programme offers personalised guidance to ensure participants maintain proper exercise forms. This includes comprehensive movement training aimed at achieving weight management, for example, while also promoting overall well-being and health.

3. Taking Health Conditions Into Consideration

HBFT is also a programme that extends its benefits to seniors with diverse health conditions. Retrofit understands that every senior is unique, and their health needs may vary significantly. As such, exercise programmes are customised to address and accommodate these health concerns, with a core focus on promoting overall well-being and enhancing quality of life.

Embracing HBFT for Personalised Wellness

The integration of HBFT has opened up a new realm of personalised fitness. It takes into account the intricate interplay between human physiology and biology to meet the unique needs and goals of seniors. This personalised approach also enables real-time progress tracking and informed adjustments to fitness plans, ultimately enhancing seniors' health and well-being.

1. Greater Convenience and Accessibility

HBFT allows individuals to reclaim their time through flexible schedules, devoiding of waiting or crowded environments. Unlike traditional gym settings, where individuals often have to adhere to set hours and wait for equipment, HBFT allows trainees to choose workout times that suit their daily routines, maximising their exercise efficiency and using their time more effectively. This ultimately offers them the convenience of incorporating physical activity into their daily routines effortlessly.

2. Improved Safety

Within a well-defined and safe exercise environment, guided by Retrofit's Exercise Specialists, seniors can confidently engage in activities like strength training free from safety worries, while receiving expert instruction on proper form and technique.

Furthermore, HBFT involves exercises that challenge and enhance an individual's ability to maintain equilibrium. This type of training targets the muscles and sensory systems responsible for keeping the body steady and upright, effectively preventing falls.

Functional movements are also exercises covered in HBFT to mimic natural, everyday movements and patterns the body uses to perform various activities. These engage multiple muscle groups and joints for overall strength and body coordination to promote enhanced safety as seniors go about their daily lives.

3. Personalisation for Optimal Results

Fitness level, age, health conditions, and exercise history are all carefully considered factors when creating a tailored exercise plan for seniors. The key is to provide them with safe and effective workouts that enhance their well-being as they age.

4. Motivated Environment

Motivation is a key factor for seniors to engage in exercise, especially when free from judgement and external pressures, allowing them to train comfortably within their own space. HBFT leverages this by creating exercise routines based on unique individual needs and limitations, which can be done in private in the presence of a trained Exercise Specialist.

5. Enhanced Quality of Life

Performed at home instead of a gym, HBFT encompasses health and fitness workouts that not only help to strengthen the stamina of seniors, but also lead to a better quality of life. It is carried out in their personal space with zero stress, allowing them to plan their own fitness journey, without constraints from external facilities or schedules. The outcome? Improved mental and emotional well-being.

The Future of Fitness – HBFT: Customised, Connected, and Compelling

HBFT is a tried and tested solution for individuals to reclaim moments that matter by enhancing mobility and promoting independence to improve overall well-being. Take a step towards embracing a healthier future by visiting Retrofit’s website to find more information.

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About Retrofit
About Retrofit
Founded in 2016, Retrofit's mission is to empower people to live better by moving better. Their Exercise Specialists work alongside physiotherapists to help clients rehabilitate post-surgery, recover from injuries, and return to their favourite activities. Their services are particularly beneficial for individuals who require more specialised support during their recovery process.





19 Oct 2023

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