Everyday Curtains To Open Multimillion State Of The Art Manufacturing Facility In Singapore and Adoption Of Matter

SINGAPORE - Media OutReach - 6 September 2023 - Everyday Curtains, a leading supplier of modern curtains and blinds, is thrilled to announce it will be opening a new, state-of-the-art manufacturing facility in Singapore. This decision signifies a noteworthy milestone in the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality and well-priced products. Alongside this development, Everyday Curtains will be shifting its automation hardware to Matter, a smart home technology system.

The manufacturing facility will allow Everyday Curtains to seamlessly integrate automation technology into the crafting of premium materials sourced from the best mills in the world, enhancing its existing production processes.

The company also intends to continue honouring the proud heritage and tradition of handmade craftsmanship of window treatments by using automation that can still showcase the handicraft of its mature employees. Automation will greatly reduce physical exertion and allow it’s mature but experienced employees to continue staying productive in the workforce. Everyday Curtains seeks to continue maintaining the highest levels of workmanship and productivity to reduce lead times with the introduction of this manufacturing facility.

Matter is the open standard for smart home technology developed by the Connectivity Standards Alliance, which includes Amazon, Apple, and Google. This next-generation universal system will soon replace Zigbee, currently used by Everyday Curtains for its collection of motorized curtains, roller, and venetian blinds.

Aside from being a testament to the company’s dedication to further innovation, this adoption will solve an ongoing issue of homeowners being unable to connect their home automation systems, such as Apple HomeKit, with their motorized curtains. The comprehensive compatibility of Matter will ensure homeowners have the opportunity to pair a wider range of smart home devices with their motorized window treatments.

Everyday Curtains always aims to push the boundaries of the design and functionality of curtains and blinds in Singapore. From utilizing unique, natural materials to embracing the newest technology, the company stands out from the crowd by setting up new benchmarks for excellence and coming up with original products that will stand the test of time, like its wabi sabi roller blinds.

As such, Everyday Curtains is ready for an exciting new chapter with the establishment of its very own cutting-edge manufacturing facility and adoption of Matter. Through these ventures, the company looks forward to offering homeowners more appealing and technologically advanced products.

For more information, please visit https://www.everydaycurtains.com/.

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06 Sep 2023

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