Global C-Pop Star and fashion icon Tia Lee Yu Fen releases third episode of animation series amid growing excitement

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach - 30 November 2022 - Tia Lee Yu Fen, the acclaimed global C-Pop star, released the third episode of her hugely successful “GOODBYE PRINCESS” video animation series. With the first two parts generating quite a buzz and nearing a record breaking 100 million views, Tia is thrilled to see the reception to the third instalment of the spellbinding drama.

The third episode - “The Puppet” - sees the princess enjoying a stellar music career. All is not well, and the princesses’ outfits grow tighter and tighter, distorting her image. She feels helpless and sad, but the crowd reacts with pure elation to her distorted image. As her hopes of happiness fade, the princess sees a sewing machine in the distance that is crafting the perfect dress. As she reaches out for the dress, she is transformed into a wooden puppet and plunges downward into a seemingly never-ending abyss.

A set of motion and still images centred around the third episode of Tia Lee’s animation series was released on 21 November, marking another artistic coup by Tony C. Miller. Dressed in a red Poem dress and Christian Louboutin heels, Tia is depicted as a puppet. The motion image concludes with her breaking the shackles that are holding her back.

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About Tia Lee Yu Fen:
Tia Lee Yu Fen (李毓芬) is an Asian pop singer, fashion icon, model, and film and television actress. In addition to her stellar music career and acting roles, Tia has been prominently featured at major fashion shows and in globally renowned magazines, such as Vogue, Elle, Marie Claire and others. She has also appeared at fashion events for some of the world’s most prestigious brands, including Louis Vuitton, Swarovski, and Fendi.


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30 Nov 2022

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