Prosperity Shimmers in Every Colour at Pacific Place Floral Displays and Colourful Decorations Await in a Modern Chinese Garden This Lunar New Year

Celebrate the Festive Season with Photogenic Moments and Shopping Rewards at Pacific Place and Starstreet Precinct

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 31 January 2024 - This Lunar New Year, seek your fortune in a dazzling garden full of vivid colours at Pacific Place and Starstreet Precinct. The mall and neighbourhood have been artfully transformed into eye-catching Chinese landscape gardens. From today to 25 February, guests are invited to immerse themselves in these vibrant and celebratory installations, ingeniously blending modern design with captivating floral arrangements.

A picturesque traditional Chinese garden
A picturesque traditional Chinese garden

The festivities offer more than just visual delights. Shoppers will be indulged with a delightful shopping experience and New Year rewards, including Pacific Place Shopping e-Vouchers and exclusive "Colours of Fortune" Lai See Packets. These lucky packets not only symbolise prosperity, but also offer a heartfelt means to share love and joy during the auspicious Lunar New Year holiday.

Vibrant Fusion: Where Tradition Meets Contemporary Appeal

A Tranquil Chinese Garden
A Tranquil Chinese Garden

Evoking the essence of a Chinese landscape garden with traditional wooden joints, the vibrant scenes at Pacific Place delicately weave together symbolic elements like dragon's beautiful curves and textured scales alongside auspicious peach blossoms. A rich, warm palette forms the backdrop, while an interplay of dynamic, vivid hues and subtle shadows adds a modern flair, taking the composition to a new level of elegance. Complemented by an array of preserved and silk flowers in bright colours curated by florist Karen Leung from Forest By K Limited, the floral arrangements at Pacific Place include over 10,000 flowers from different species, with dramatic highlights that include peach blossoms rising as high as 3.5 metres. This festive spectacle truly embodies the vivacious spirit of the season.

Ring in the Lunar New Year with Festive Decorations

Adorned in Lunar New Year splendour, Pacific Place and Starstreet Precinct offer visitors a rich variety of engaging experiences and photo opportunities, allowing them to create precious memories with loved ones and celebrate the Year of the Dragon in grand style.

Walk through a picturesque traditional Chinese garden
Begin your Lunar New Year festivities by admiring the glorious display inspired by a traditional Chinese garden. Be sure to snap a photo in this picturesque location with the festive, 3.5-metre-tall peach blossoms. Explore the symbolic elements of the dragon's curves and textured scales, and find the most colourful backdrop for the perfect picture!

Location: Garden Court, Level LG1

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

Snap a picture at the flower-adorned arbour
The intricate interplay of light and shadow within the floral pavilion combines contemporary design techniques. The translucent canopy delicately diffuses vibrant hues, while the surrounding blossoms adorn the scene, giving rise to a captivatingly ethereal and dreamlike beauty.

Location: Level L1 (near COS)

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Create memories that last a lifetime in our video booth!
In the corridors filled with the festive atmosphere of the Lunar New Year, there are multicoloured hues set up, so you can play around with your composition in shooting, while embracing the auspicious colours!

You can then head to the nearby video booth to snap some shots with your loved ones. Add stickers to your masterpiece then scan the QR code to download your photo and share it on social media.

Location: Level L1 (near Lane Crawford)

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm

"Colour the Year Anew" Video Booth

Opening hours: 12noon – 8pm

Explore a tranquil Chinese garden
Head over to Park Court to discover another incredible Chinese garden in the heart of Pacific Place. Here, a majestic dragon with colourful scales is ready to bless you with good luck and fortune in the year ahead!

Location: Park Court, Level L1

Opening hours: 10am – 10pm
Explore the beautiful lanterns in Starstreet Precinct
Complete your Lunar New Year adventure by visiting the Starstreet Precinct, where a beautiful display of lanterns awaits. Come day or night to experience this unique and colourful attraction that lights up the festive season!

Location: Outside Three Pacific Place on Wing Fung Street and Star Street

Radiant Dragon Splendour: Pacific Place's Exclusive "Colours of Fortune" Lai See Packets

Pacific Place presents its exclusive "Colours of Fortune" Lai See Packets, featuring a majestic dragon gliding across a vibrant backdrop. Painted with intricate detail and openwork scales, these multicoloured packets align to reveal the dragon's majestic beauty against a serene shanshui (mountain and water) backdrop. This design, embracing the spirit of good fortune and well-being in the Year of the Dragon, boasts five vibrant hues that shimmer like the auspicious dragon's scales. The undulating curves within the artwork evoke the serenity of traditional shanshui paintings, symbolising harmony and beauty.

Each packet, adorned with interchangeable sleeves in golden yellow or peach pink, offers diverse colour combinations and allows you to mix and match your own auspicious colour combinations to share your personalised dragon's fortune with loved ones. Each set contains 10 pieces (two pieces in five designs) in a colourful pouch, symbolising a prosperous year ahead while also serving as a stylish yet practical accessory that can be reused daily.

A Prosperous Start to Lunar New Year – With Enticing Shopping Rewards

Celebrate the Lunar New Year at Pacific Place by indulging in delightful shopping and reaping exclusive rewards, including an abundance of Lai See packets and treats. You can also enjoy bonus rewards by spending with an eligible American Express® Card!

Date: From today to 25 February 2024
Time: 11am – 10pm
Location: Gift Redemption Counter on Level L2 (near JOYCE)


Electronic Spending at Pacific Place and Starstreet Precinct
General Rewards

American Express

Cardmember Rewards
HK$3,800 - HK$8,799
1 set of

"Colours of Fortune" Lai See Packet

(available until

9 February 2024)
HK$8,800 - HK$17,999
HK$100 Pacific Place

Shopping e-Voucher
Extra HK$100 Pacific Place

Shopping e-Voucher
HK$18,000 - HK$37,999
HK$300 Pacific Place

Shopping e-Voucher

+ Boutique by The Grand

Amber Walnuts

(valued at HK$178)
Extra HK$300 Pacific Place

Shopping e-Voucher
HK$38,000 or above
HK$1,200 Pacific Place

Shopping e-Voucher

+ DALLOYAU Grand Cru

Chocolate Cookie Gift Box

(valued at HK$198)
Extra HK$700 Pacific Place

Shopping e-Voucher

Spectacular New Year Performances

Make sure not to miss the fantastic performances scheduled during this festive season. What better way to kick off the Lunar New Year than with a lion dance and music? Bring your friends and family — these performances are sure to impress!

Eye-dotting Ceremony and Lion Dance Parade
A lion dance parade is an iconic Lunar New Year experience that you cannot miss. This festive parade is replete with vivid traditions ​​designed to bring good fortune. Join us for the eye-dotting ceremony and vibrant performance!

Date: 15 February (Thursday, 6th day of Lunar New Year)

Time: 1pm

Location: Park Court, Level L1
The Sounds of Fortune
The Big Jazz Band, led by the acclaimed Nate Wong of Nowhere Boys, is a 10-piece band equipped with an array of Western and Chinese musical instruments that will perform in two thrilling performances at Pacific Place.

From the Chinese Horn played by Ma Wai Him, the Er Hu by Chan Pik Sum to the Hammond Organ by Sylvia Ho, this unique ensemble is an inspirational fusion of cultural elements. Nate Wong, the band leader, leads a captivating blend of keyboard, bass, saxophone, flute, percussion, featuring Ken, also from Nowhere Boys, as the host and guitarist. These electrifying performances guarantee an experience of Eastern and Western musical flavours that you can't afford to miss.

Date: 17 and 24 February (Saturday)

Time: 3pm

Location: Park Court, Level L1

Get ready to celebrate the Lunar New Year at Pacific Place and Starstreet Precinct! May prosperity shimmer in every colour for you in the Year of the Dragon!

Hashtag: #ThePlaceForNewYear #ColoursOfFortune #NewStartsTakePlaceHere

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