Suede dominates the 2023 Aranya Xiami Music Festival, rocking the Aranya Beach for three days

HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach - 4 September 2023 - Alibaba Pictures Group Limited (Stock code:1060, referred to as the "Company" or "Alibaba Pictures") announces that Beijing Damai Cultural Media Development Company Limited (referred to as "Damai"), a subsidiary of Alibaba Pictures, successfully hosted the 2023 Aranya Xiami Music Festival ("the Music Festival"), presented by Xiami Music Entertainment and Aranya. From August 25 to 27, the Music Festival brought together 27 renowned domestic and international musicians to create a three-day "Another Life" experience for tens of thousands of music enthusiasts on the beautiful shores of Aranya, Qinghuangdao, China, aiming to establish itself as a premier and influential landmark music festival in China. With its exceptional content and immersive experience, the Music Festival received widespread critical acclaim.


The Music Festival created a lifestyle beloved by young people with its fresh "content"

The Music Festival, themed "Another Life," aimed to inspire the idea that life should be an adventure rather than a routine, breaking free from the shackles of repetitive daily life. It encouraged attendees to step out of their comfort zone and embrace the passion for life and the splendor of music and art. Jie Li, President of Alibaba Pictures, said, "This 'work' integrates various elements of lifestyle, including music, travel, art, and markets, bringing together the ceremonial aspects, memorable moments, and iconic landmarks that music fans care about into one setting. It can be described as both a unique music festival performance and an ideal lifestyle that young people aspire to and can relate to." Li pointed out that this innovative form of content organization represents Xiami Music Entertainment's advocacy of "new emotions, new expressions, and new experiences" in music creation, to provide diverse consumer experiences for live entertainment attendees.

27 selected domestic and international acts + a sunrise special session with marvelous creativity that caters to the preferences of young people

Aranya is a well-known cultural landmark in China, offering a rich and diverse artistic space as well as refreshing and breathtaking coastal scenery. It has become a vacation and leisure destination for young people. The Music Festival embraced values of freedom, romance, and quality, aiming to bring warmth, passion, and inspiration to music fans through independent and heartfelt musical expressions. The collaboration between these two brands, with their aligned tones and complementary qualities, provided a two-way exchange between music and quality lifestyle.

In terms of lineup, the Music Festival boasted an impressive selection of 27 domestic and international musicians, creating a lineup that can be described as a "battle of the gods". It featured internationally renowned bands such as Suede, MONO, Blue Foundation, the Fin, and She Her Her Hers. It also included female musical forces like Chen Qi Zhen, Wei Ru Xuan, Nova Heart, and the Impossible Trinity Band (不可能三角乐队). Additionally, there are hardcore rock bands like Painkiller, The Traveler, PAN!C, and Wa Chi, as well as avant-garde and emerging bands like No Party for Cao Dong and Chair Band. The overall lineup presented an international and diverse range of musical talents.

Among them, the legendary British band Suede delivered an energetic one-hour closing performance. Despite being in his 50s, frontman Brett Anderson's energy remained undiminished, captivating the 20,000-strong crowd with their song "Turn Off Your Brain And Yell".

In terms of organization, the music festival adopted a "2+1" outdoor festival format, with two nights of official performances accompanied by an independent "pre-party" night. This not only served as a special welcome gesture for devoted fans who arrived early but also added a touch of grandeur to the overall festival experience.

One particularly noteworthy addition to the 2023 Aranya Xiami Music Festival was the introduction of the unique "Sunrise Session" special project. Collaborating with visual artist Yu Tian, the leading Chinese instrumental rock band Wang Wen presented a rare and immersive sunrise music performance by the seaside at dawn, creating a truly unforgettable and ethereal ambiance.

The Aranya Xiami Music Festival's distinctive music presentation and format has garnered significant popularity among young attendees. Data revealed that 55% of the festival's attendees were between the ages of 18 and 29, with an impressive 94% coming from various cities, with the festival starting to establish brand recognition among young music fans.

Innovative multi-scene approach and expression of lifestyle brought differentiated experience, earning praise from music enthusiasts

The 2023 Aranya Xiami Music Festival focused on creating unforgettable experiences, establishing itself as a landmark vacation music festival.

In terms of lifestyle expression, the festival introduced the "Lifestyle Market" project, seamlessly integrating branding, art, food, leisure, exhibitions, vacations, and music performances. This comprehensive approach not only showcased aesthetic art but also cultivated an engaging and dynamic atmosphere throughout the festival grounds.

The dining and culinary area, featuring over 30 food stalls, offered a wide range of services, including catering, merchandise and charging stations. Festivalgoers indulged in the festival's signature drinks and dishes, such as Aranya Sunrise, Shrimp Dopamine, and Thai-style shrimp chips, which were exclusively available at the Aranya Xiami Music Festival and received high praise from music fans.

Moreover, iconic architectural landmarks like the Aranya Community Lonely Library and Aranya Hall, as well as cultural spaces like A Theater, Seaside Inn, bars, and cafes, became essential lifestyle destinations for festivalgoers during the event, providing them with memorable experiences beyond the music performances.

In terms of user experience, this year's Aranya Xiami Music Festival has introduced many innovations. It not only provided privileges such as priority purchase and free reservation of sunrise sessions for "Tao Piao Piao" and "Damai" joint members under the industry's first "Movie + Performance" membership system called "Taomai VIP", but also offered "Seven Special Gifts" for "Taomai VIP" members, including 30-minute early entry for Black Diamond members, free customized drinks by redeeming Black Diamond member points, and free on-site photography. These privileges gave "Taomai VIP" users a unique sense of exclusivity. In addition, separate women's toilets were set up at the music festival venue, demonstrating a warm and considerate response to the needs of female attendees, which was praised by many female music fans.

The Aranya Xiami Music Festival is not just a handful of music performances, nor a seaside trip, but more like an annual gathering of music fans, where everyone can realize multiple Another Life, experience an ideal life that integrates music, travel, and art, among others. It offers a sense of freedom and a carefree existence, like the wind.

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