Guojiao1573 "Let the World Savor China" Global Tour Embarks on Singapore, Unveiling New Development Opportunities for Chinese Baijiu

LUZHOU, CHINA - Media OutReach - 1 May 2023 - During April 26th to 27th, Guojiao1573's "Let the World Savor China" global tour arrived in Singapore, commencing a new chapter of exploration for Chinese Baijiu. Together with representatives from various fields, including the economy, culture, art, academia, and others, Luzhou Laojiao collaborated in exchange activities such as the "Culture and Innovation Forum" and school-enterprise visits, fostering cultural communication and seeking development opportunities together.

In 2023, the bilateral relations between China and Singapore have been elevated from a "comprehensive cooperative partnership that keeps pace with the times" to a "forward-looking partnership with high quality in all aspects". Practical cooperation and cultural exchanges across various domains between both nations have entered a new phase of high-quality development. Against this backdrop, the "global tour" emphasizing economic and trade cooperation, cultural exchange, and cultural immersion has arrived in Singapore, attracting significant interest from diverse sectors in both China and Singapore.

During the ongoing global tour in Singapore, Han Fangming Deputy Director of the Foreign Affairs Committee of the 13th National Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference and President of the Chahar Society, highlighted that the world is currently undergoing profound changes, presenting new opportunities and challenges constantly. He expressed his aspirations to leverage this forum to explore fresh prospects for companies from both nations to expand globally in the post-pandemic era. This would entail sharing experiences and inspirations and collaborating on deepening China-Singapore cooperation in the new situation, thereby contributing towards fostering economic development and human civilization progress in both countries and beyond. Han Fangming also voiced his hope that Guojiao 1573's global tour will serve as a platform for fostering innovative thinking and enhancing cooperation.

Lin Feng, General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd., emphasized that Singapore is a renowned international financial center and a crucial country along the "the Belt and Road" initiative, and is globally recognized for its innovation and cultural inclusivity. He further highlighted that the cooperation between China and Singapore is progressively strengthening, and the bilateral economic and trade ties are increasingly robust, which has led to the emergence of new ideas and conditions for Chinese enterprises to enhance their internationalization efforts. Lin Feng said, "Guojiao 1573 Let the World Savor China global tour is a critical component of Luzhou Liaojiao overseas expansion strategy. He further mentioned that this year's global tour has reached Singapore and they are looking to leverage this opportunity to establish closer contact, foster communication, and facilitate exchanges with various sectors in Singapore. The ultimate objective is to help China and Singapore achieve more fruitful cooperation results across multiple fields, including trade and investment, technological innovation, talent exchange, cultural tourism, and others."

The "Culture and Innovation Forum" was held to discuss new opportunities for development among all sectors of China and Singapore

This global tour aims to spotlight the new prospects for internationalization of Chinese enterprises in the post-pandemic era, and to facilitate global cultural exchange and mutual learning. As a part of this initiative, the "Culture and Innovation Forum" was organized, which brought together entrepreneurs, artists, cultural experts, and other professionals from diverse fields in China and Singapore. The forum served as a platform for exchanging ideas and fostering communication on various topics such as China-Singapore economic and trade cooperation, technological innovation, internationalization of Chinese enterprises, and promoting Chinese culture globally.

Internationalization of Baijiu has become an important topic. Luzhou Laojiao has been steadily promoting the internationalization of Baijiu, determined to gradually integrate the Luzhou Laojiao brand into the global mainstream alcoholic beverage market. "As an important node country on the Maritime Silk Road, Singapore has obvious location advantages and a good business environment. It has long been regarded as a 'heaven' for foreign capital investment," said Lin Feng, General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd., at the forum. Singapore is the first ASEAN member state to publicly support the "Belt and Road" initiative and has broad and substantive cooperation with China. Singapore's prosperous economy, sound legal system, and forward-looking planning and layout in the field of innovative ecology are highly favored by companies and investment institutions from China and around the world. "As a representative of China's leading Baijiu enterprise, Luzhou Laojiao not only wants to sell liquor to Singapore, but also wants to bring Chinese culture to Singapore. We want to use the universal language of the world to express Chinese culture and let the world understand Chinese Baijiu brands."

Diversity is a vital element that enriches civilizations, while communication is essential for prosperity. At the forum, Wang Hongbo, the Executive Vice General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. and Chairman of Luzhou Laojiao International Development (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd., emphasized that baijiu culture is a crucial aspect of Chinese culture, conveying national spirit and humanistic charm. The profound Chinese baijiu culture encompasses the essence of traditional Chinese culture, such as benevolence, righteousness, propriety, wisdom, and faith. Over thousands of years of evolution, it has established a rich and colorful baijiu ceremony and way, and has become a gleaming jewel in the world's baijiu culture.

Wang Hongbo, said,"Baijiu serves as a universal language, a culture carrier, and a messenger of friendship. In recent years, Luzhou Laojiao has remained committed to the responsibility of 'letting the world taste China'. The company has promoted cross-border integration of Chinese culture with numerous fields such as art, sports, international exchanges, and others, using innovative methods and a global perspective. This has enabled Chinese culture to become a business card for countries worldwide, enabling them to understand and appreciate the exceptional traditional Chinese culture."

Entering Nanyang Technological University: Opening up New Ideas for International Talent Development

As part of its global tour, Luzhou Laojiao conducted visits to prestigious universities and collaborated with guests from the government, business, academia, and cultural and artistic circles to visit Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The purpose was to experience the unique humanistic atmosphere of this world-class university and engage in discussions on topics such as university-enterprise cooperation, international talent development for Baijiu, and cultural dissemination. This visit was an opportunity to open up new ideas and perspectives for international talent development and further strengthen Luzhou Laojiao's commitment to promoting Baijiu on the global stage.

Lin Feng, General Manager of Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd., introduced China liquor and its liquor culture to attending professors and scholars at Nanyang University of Technology. On behalf of the company, he presented the "Guo Jiao 1573 · 450 Anniversary Commemorative Liquor Limited Edition" collection and Guo Jiao 1573 Collection jointly created by Chinese brewing master Liu Miao and contemporary art master Pang Maokun to Nanyang University of Technology in Singapore, Liu Hong, Associate Vice President of Nanyang Polytechnic University in Singapore, expressed gratitude and returned a precious gift.

In fact, in the field of school enterprise cooperation, Luzhou Laojiao has achieved fruitful results in recent years. The company has conducted in-depth collaborative innovation with more than 30 universities and colleges in China, including Tsinghua University, Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Wuhan University, Sichuan University, and Jiangnan University, creating a solid-state brewing innovation alliance with outstanding innovation capabilities and market competitiveness. In the future, cooperation with internationally renowned universities will further help Luzhou Laojiao's international talent team construction, scientific and technological innovation, and International marketing.

Guojiao 450's Strong Fragrance Intoxicates Lion City; Guojiao 1573 Seven Star Feast Attract Chinese Fans

For 699 years, the exquisite craftsmanship of Luzhou Laojiao's baijiu has been producing a robust aroma that has been preserved in their cellar for over 450 years. With the meeting of Chinese fine baijiu and the vibrant Lion City, the fusion and collision of Eastern and Western cultures can be witnessed. The "Let the World Appreciate China" global tour's Guojiao 1573 Seven Star Feast inaugurated the festivities with the gracefulness of Eastern aesthetics, welcoming guests from Singapore's business, culture, and art sectors to experience the high-end liquor cultural appreciation of China. They can relish in the extraordinary charm of the "living double national treasures" of Luzhou Laojiao 1573 National Treasure Cellar Group and appreciate the traditional brewing techniques of Luzhou Laojiao baijiu.

At the Seven Star Feast, guests were led by Luzhou Laojiao's national-level baijiu tasters to engage all their senses, including vision, smell, touch, taste, and hearing, to deeply experience the rich aroma and ancient elegance of the baijiu.

Guojiao 1573 is a premium baijiu renowned for its exceptional quality and is widely appreciated in China. The baijiu featured in the banquet is the Guojiao 1573 · Chinese Taste, sourced from a century-old cellar. After ten years of cave storage, the essence of spring brewing is masterfully brewed, resulting in a precious, rare, and excellent quality baijiu. The soft and sweet taste of Guojiao 1573, coupled with its rich aroma, delights the guests' taste buds, leaving a lingering fragrance on their lips and teeth with a long aftertaste. Many guests have expressed their enjoyment both physically and mentally, stating that Guojiao 1573 is an unforgettable experience.

Guests at the feast recognized that the charm of Chinese culture and baijiu can only be appreciated by savoring them carefully. "Guojiao 1573 is truly the world's top distilled baijiu, and this feast allowed us to experience the beauty of history, culture, and art it embodies," expressed one guest. "A glass of Guojiao 1573 is a true representation of the captivating taste art of Chinese culture," remarked another guest. The Seven Star Feast showcased the unique charm of China's premium baijiu and the rich inheritance of China's baijiu culture, garnering unanimous praise from all the attendees.

Actively Promoting the Internationalization of China's Liquor Guo Jiao1573, Let the World Appreciate China

By utilizing baijiu as a conduit, Guojiao 1573 "Let the World Savor China" global tour aims to bridge the gap between China and the world. Since 2017, the global tour has visited cities such as New York, Paris, and Moscow, collaborating with renowned international artists such as Tan Dun and Cai Guoqiang to conduct cultural exchange activities. These activities have introduced the rich and profound Chinese culture to people of various countries and promoted cultural exchange between China and foreign countries. Through innovative approaches, this tour has continuously offered the world a taste of the exquisite Chinese culture, earning widespread praise.

The opening of the first stop of the 2023 "Let the World Savor China" global tour in Singapore is a brilliant measure for Luzhou Laojiao to upgrade its overseas marketing, expand its international circle of friends, and create a Chinese cultural business card. It also once again highlights Luzhou Laojiao's mission to promote China's traditional industries to go global and its open and innovative corporate spirit.

Luzhou Laojiao is a large-scale brewing enterprise developed on the basis of 36 brewing workshops in the Ming and Qing dynasties. It is a renowned Chinese baijiu both domestically and internationally. Currently, over 90% of the national treasure-level living cellars in China's baijiu industry that are still brewing are located in Luzhou Laojiao.

As an illustrious representative of China's baijiu, Luzhou Laojiao has always taken "making the world savor China" as its mission, continuously promoting baijiu internationalization, and integrating baijiu into the global mainstream alcohol consumption market. So far, Luzhou Laojiao has established distribution networks in over 70 countries and regions around the world, actively exploring and building international online sales networks. It has launched e-commerce platforms in 20 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Central Asia, Europe, Oceania, and North America, opening up new opportunities for overseas business and becoming one of the most recognizable, extensively covered, and top-selling Chinese baijiu brands in the international market.

Undoubtedly, Chinese Baijiu, with its rich heritage and innovative essence, will undoubtedly serve as a vital cultural bridge between the past and the future, as well as between China and the world. In the future, Luzhou Laojiao will remain dedicated to the preservation, innovation, and global dissemination of Chinese culture, telling Chinese stories in a universal language, enabling the world to appreciate the timeless charm of Chinese culture's development and prosperity with the times, and savor the unique taste of China.

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